Daily archives: May 17, 2011

Armada 5k Series, Saltram, 11 May 2011

The second race of the spring and summer Armada 5km time trials through Saltram attracted Musketeers in force.

Musketeers included: Kate, Neil, Chris MP, Bryan, Caroline, Sharon S and Sarah Sam, Kate, and Jackie out to improve their speed and experience of the race environment and stir their competitive blood.

The event is not a race, but rather a trial with runners testing themselves to see if they can improve their times run by run and against each other - if that helps.

There were 130 runners: Neil came 28th in 21min 54sec, Chris MP 58th 23.13, Sharon Stephens 67th 23.49, Bryan 75th 24.31, Sarah 84th 25.48, Nicole 93rd 26.54, Sam 107th 28.46, Caroline 109th 29.04, Kate 54th 29.05 and Jackie 29.36.

The distance is short enough for runners to build up a fast pace each month at perhaps about 80% of their fastest, may be what they run in 3km to 5km.

This might be repeating myself, but here goes: It is very hard work and therefore, runners might like to see it as training for stamina, speed and easier recovery after hard effort. The trouble we all have is warming up during the race and therefore, by the time we are into our stride and breathing patterns (instead of gasping) the race is half-way over.

So I would recommend the vital warm-up before the race, both a trot up the hill and down and some of Chris MP's special dynamic warm-ups. It all gets the heart pumping and muscles warmer and gives you a better start. There is always the temptation to rocket off down the hill at the start without getting into a manageable stride and before you are ready to get into a steadier manageable fast pace. It is aall to tempting to keep up with the faster runners and be swept along, but hold back until you are ready and then you will find you have more left for the first hill and start over taking others who have over done things.

For everyone who took part a well done and hopefully they will all continue with the series and encourage others to take part. It can only improve running confidence and racing ability. The next run is Wednesday 8th June

By Guy