Armada 5k Series, Saltram, 13 Apr 2011

The first race of the spring and summer Armada 5km time trials through Saltram attracted Musketeers in force.

Musketeers included: New girl Nicky, Kate, Caroline, Neil, Annie, Chris MP, Sharon S and Darren (apologies to those I have forgotten) to join the other cluster of Plymouth club members who are keen to improve their speed and get a taste of racing atmosphere and conditions and maybe to get competitive for the first time.

The event is not strictly a race, but rather a trial with runners testing themselves to see if they can improve their times over each run. The series is a continuation of the winter 3km series.

The distance is short enough for runners to build up a fast pace each month at perhaps about 80% of their fastest, may be what they run in 3km to 5km.

The idea is for runners to regard it as training for stamina, speed and easier recovery after hard effort. The ease at which you recover can be assessed after the total 5km or after each of the hills on the 5km course. The more of the 5kms you do the better you will be at getting your breath and aching muscles back into normal running gear when you are in a longer race - and hopefully leave those other runners behind at the top of a hill - say in the Plymouth Half! It is a great advantage to have some strength and breath left at the top of the hill rather than being stranded exhausted as others pass you.

As I cannot find the results, not important, I will only mention a few people who I remember (and apologies to those who I forget), including Neil coming first for the club, Darren second, Chris MP next, and a special mention of Nicky who was in her first 'race' and ran very well and seemed pleased. Sharon ran with Annie on her race debut, one of her fast improving flock, who should be pleased with her achievement and encouraged in her ambition to do the next one. For everyone who took part (excluding me) a well done and hopefully they will all continue with the series and encourage others to take part. It can only improve running confidence and racing ability.

The next race is Wednesday 11th May.

By Guy