Erme Valley Relays, Ivybridge, 1 Jul 2011

The Musketeers' entry into the Erme Valley Relays at Ivybridge was a last-minute one, which made its success even more praiseworthy.

Mark, Guy, Maggie and Neil flew the flag and as a mixed male and female and mixed agegroup which was probably one of the few of this composition in the hugely popular competition.

So us mixed-up crew decided on our race order and we were somewhat surprised to come 41st out of 65 teams. Each member had to run 2.5miles, with about one third down hill and the rest up.

Our racers' results in running order: Mark's time 18min and 16sec, Maggie 18m 47s, Neil 17m32s and Guy 15m 38s. The team placingswere drawn up by adding our times together to equal 70m 13s.

In contrast, the winners from Tavistock had a combined time of 53m, averaging about 13 minutes. The fastest time was 12 minutes.

I am proud of our result, especially as we were the lone representatives - there have been more Musketeer teams in the past. And we all gave up our Friday evening to do so.

Hopefully we can enter more teams next year.

By Guy