Plymouth Park Run – 12/01/2013

The second park run of the year attracted only one Musketeer runner and two support staff.

This was a drier (if one can use that expression) run than the end of the year when the canal path was deeply flooded.

Wetness is all relative of course because the route was far from dry. The first field section of the course was very slippery and slidey. A lot of movement was backwards and sideways and little forward. Not only is the field slippery it is very uneven because of being churned up by walkers and livestock and there are also the ditches.

After the field comes the flat canal path which comes as a relief, if not flooded. But it does seem to go on for a long time.

After recovering from the field slog, this is the time to overtake if you can, before the short steep hill. After the training Muskies do every week you should then recover after the hill better than the others.

Now is time to steadily reel in those ahead of you on the return flat path above the canal before a short steep section back down to the dreaded field. Next is a shorter loop round the field, dragging weary legs through the treacherous mud to cheering supporters at the finish.

The idea of the Park Run is to involve anyone of any ability and standard whether in a running club or not. It is a completely free 5km or roughly 3-mile multi-terrain run and is on every Saturday morning of the year at 9am.

Just turn up at Plym Bridge and run. The concept is to make organised running available to everyone and to involve runners in organising and marshalling the event.

To get involved register on the park run web site. You will be sent an email with a bar code specific to you. Print off the bar code and take it with you to every race to be scanned at the run finish. Your times and placing will be placed on-line and you will be sent an email with that information. The idea is to encourage you to run as many as you want and improve your time.

What is there not to like? May be the earliesh Saturday start? There are usually a sprinkling of Muskies who can get up that early to run or marshal - more than likely our esteemed chairman Sharon.

By Guy