St Austell 6 Mile and Half Marathon, 26 May 2011

A high-achieving team of Musketeers took the St Austell six-mile race by storm viagra et ordonnance.

Caroline, Neil, Maggie Guy, Tracey and Neil decided it was good training for the Plymouth half Marathon.

We definitely made a splash and were noticed by other clubs as well as posting some top results.

The route was very scenic with some off and some on-road and included a killer hill which got steeper towards the summit - which was where the finish was, and woodland and (near the start) one of the steepest descents we have tackled.

We all finished safely and were pleased with times, even Neil, who complained about being pressured by Guy into completing the full session at (off-road) track training the day before on Saturday which was run by Chris MP.

Out of 64 finishers Guy was seventh with 44min with a pace of 7min 22 sec per mile, Neil was 14th in 47 min at 7min 55 sec per mile, Maggie 23rd in 51 min at a pace of 8min 31 sec per mile, Tracey 37th in 58min 22sec at 9min 43 sec pace and Caroline 43rd in one hour one min at 10min 15 sec pace.

We six-milers then waited patiently for Chris Andrews to plod sedately round the half marathon course - round a similar route. He vainly tried to entice Guy to join in the half having finished his race to 'enjoy' another six miles.

The indestructible Chris finished the half in an admirable 74th out of 109 finishers in one hour 55min at a pace of 8min 47sec. �. And the brave iron man is planning to run the Plymouth Half!

The well organised race is well worth a trip by even more Musketeers next year. You get an excellent goody bag and race HQ is in a nice dry sports centre and refreshments are offered before and after the race. Runners' families could even make themselves at home there or on the beach near to the start.

By Guy