Storm Force – 20/01/2013

About 400 took part in one of the bigger races in Cornwall, the Storm Force ten-mile race at Camborne.

The standard of competition is both high and ferocious in Cornwall. There are many more clubs there than most counties and all were represented. The race is part of the popular and hard fought Cornish Grand Prix series, which helps.

The only Musketeer runner was Guy who came in at 89th in 1hour 9min at 6.58 min-mile pace.

To put this in context the winner finished in 54min 48sec an amazing 5.28 min-mile pace. The top woman finished in a fantastic 57 min - still well under 6-min mile pace naturel viagra.

This is a road race and includes only one short stretch of puddly back lane. Some of the puddles were frozen. Other than the ice, the day was perfect for running, as long as you were prepared for the cold. Much of the race was sheltered from the icy wind and was run under welcome blue skies, a rarity this winter.

The route is largely along quiet country roads and through villages. The first half is mostly flat, although there is one up-hill. Most of the last two miles is a gradual slow drag up-hill, which seems steeper than it is because of tiring legs. What a relief therefore, that the final half mile is downhill.

Because of the large entry it is a fairly well populated route, so there is always someone along the course to pace against, shelter behind, use to pull you along when you a gasping, or to overtake and give you a second wind.

This is a well organised and marshalled race. It is based at a school and takes 1hr & 20min to get to door-to-door from Plymouth. There is free soup and rolls after the race for all runners. And cakes are offered for contributions, all in the huge school hall where you can meet and change in the warm. Ample car parking is on-site. The all-important goody bag includes a novel towel.

This is a good race for practising for the Plymouth Hoe. Maybe more Muskies can make it next time, if they aren't on the First Chance.

By Guy