Tavistock Relays, 14 Jul 2011

The fleet of foot among the Musketeers turned up in force to create four teams for the Tavy Relay and run one mile.

The young male whippets among us came 18th out of 33 teams with Andy, in 6.08min, Neil, 6.45, Ashley, 5.15 and not-as-young-as-he-thinks Bryan, 7.48 -- with a combined time of 25min and 56 secs. Ashley was, in fact, more like a thorough-bred race horse among hobbled whippets.

Second of the Musketeers teams in 26th was the geriatrics among us including Guy, 6.13, Bryan (again), 7.31, Kev, 7.35,and not-at-all-aged Mark, 7.03, -- with a combined time of 28.22.

Third Musketeer team in 29th was the greyhounds Maggie, 7.16, Julia 8.05, Nicole, 7.58, Sarah, 7.48, -- with a combined time of 31.07.

Fourth musketeer team of headless chickens was last in 33rd place comprising Sarah (nobly running a second time) in 7.17, Kate, 8.37, Caroline, 8.42, and Louise, 8.47, -- in a combined time of 33.23. Sarah was rightly pleased with her fastest time being only one second behind our marvellous Maggie.

Overall our teams put up a good show over a course requiring sharp corners at each end as you sprint from one end of Tavistock riverside park to the other and back.

It might not appear to make sense, but those who ran two laps sometimes benefited by staying warmed up and in running mode for the second lap. Those that ran two laps consecutively were in an even better position; they just kept running and had the momentum to knock large chunks off their times - as happened in a few teams.

Those who have not run relays before except at school might find it daunting to consider, but a good team spirit is engendered and with so many runners in one place does create a noisy but fun competitive atmosphere. Anyone who wants to come along and watch would be most welcome to support and cheer - then you might be hooked to do another relay!

By Guy