New Couch to 5k – 5th Sept 19 2

We will be running the Couch to 5k programme again, so please contact the club if you are interested. It is a structured way to get more active, fitter and heathier. A specific structured 8-week training program, it began on Thursday 5th September 2019 at 7pm at Kings Tamerton. The training group is taken by one of our England Athletics Qualified Running Coaches and costs only £1 per week. Come along to our Thursday club night at Kings Tamerton Community Centre, Newton Avenue and ask to speak to one of our leaders or coaches.

2 thoughts on “New Couch to 5k – 5th Sept 19

  • Laura

    Hi, I’m interested in your next c25k, I’ve previously done one in a different area but have hardly ran in the past year after struggling with planter fashiatis, can you please tell how many runs a week you do for your course and the times.

    Kind regards

    Laura Jenkins

    • Gary Martin Post author

      Hi Laura, the couch to 5k group meet every Thursday at our club at 7pm, but everyone is set other activities that they can do in the week as part of their training plan. As a club, we have other runs (see as well as other runs organised via Facebook. Come along on the 5th and give it a go, it is a gentle start so shouldn’t aggravate your injury. Look forward to seeing you. Gary

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