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Grizzly Training Report 22 Jan 2012

Sunday's run was one of several runs cross country style on Dartmoor preparing us for the arduous Grizzly in March along the South Devon coast.

The organisers were the Bere Alston Trekkers running club which teamed up with its close neighbour the Tavistock Athletics Club.

Although not too breezy in Plymouth the heights of Dartmoor in the Whitchurch area of Dartmoor near Tavistock exposed us to the wind in a big way.

Although the terrain was very wet the rain held off, which was just as well because running into the wind was hard enough and cold.

At one point a floating raft of innocent looking bright green mossy stuff caught one runner out and sucked him down by one leg right up to his thighs until Guy heaved him out. Dave's faithful dog Mollie must have wondered if her faith in him was misplaced because she sunk half way into the bog also before being pulled to safety.

There were multiple falls in the slippery conditions and we soon gave up trying to avoid getting wet running shoes.

The route took us through Princetown and the windiest section along the old railway. We also followed a leat which looked easy until it took us through more marshy conditions. Nothing was what it looked like at first. The safest approach was to wait behind others and see if they sunk in the guey mud or in the wet clutches of a marsh, so as to avoid being laughed at by unsympathetic runners as you fell. Often those who laughed were also soon caught out.

Others also lost their shoes to the mud and some got too cold and had to be loaned clothes. It is best to be prepared for anything on Dartmoor.

Neil went back with the ten-mile group when his cold got too much - what a brave little soldier! Dave and Guy persevered and completed the planned 16-mile run or trudge - to be rewarded with a home made fantastic cake made by Dotty who is Trekkers' endurance coach.

Fellow Trekker Julian told us if we could manager that nearly four-hour terrain then we could complete the tough multi-terrain Grizzly!

By Guy

Chris Reason Charity Run, 5 Feb 2012

A bunch of merry runners from Plymouth Musketeers paid tribute to Chris Reason, formerly of Frank Elford Sports shop who died young last year despite his fitness.

Proceeds from the Chris Reason Tribute Run were donated to help support his young family. As result the event was in celebration of his life and role in helping runners of all ages and abilities and less of a race, more of a cross-country fun run, although the terrain was testing and muddy.

Sunday's run reflected the celebration with runners in fancy dress in a cheery mood from across the spectrum of age, experience and ability.

This resulted in the bizarre sight of a large crowd of Noddies, leprechauns and fairies trudging round the mud and shrieking oggy, oggy, oggy, oi, oi, oi, throughout the route round Newnham Park, Plymouth.

Local residents, dog walkers on a peaceful stroll, the natural wildlife and serious looking off-road bikers were all wide-eyed in amazement at the colourful and rowdy sight. Indeed we obviously disturbed some people badly deep in dingly dell because the woods rang with the sound of shotguns alarmingly close.

In true team spirit most of the Musketeers ran together in solidarity. Sam, Donna, Robin (her first ever race), Kate, Sarah, Sharon, Chris Andrews, Doug, Kev, Robin, Guy, Neil and Dave, Caroline.

There were some who preferred a faster pace however, with Maggie the fairy forming a break away group, while Dave, Guy and a hung-over Neil led the way and ran back to encourage the larger contingent to the finish - only to find Chris A had beaten us all back.

'All for one and one for all' - except Mr Andrews! He, He.

Finally, we were all chuffed to bits to survive the shooting and terrain and to receive a mini running shoe as a momento at the finish. All in all a very fitting event in memory of Chris, with the Musketeers throwing themselves into the party spirit.

By Guy