Beginners & Improvers

Beginners & Improvers Running Group

The purpose of this group is to help new runners run more efficiently and easier, as a result, running feels far more enjoyable. Runners gain in confidence as their ability to run improves and they are then able to integrate into the main running groups.

Plymouth Musketeers presently have five qualified UKA running coaches and two qualified UKA coaching assistants.

Who should join our group?

  • Complete beginners who would like to start running.
  • Existing club members who feel they would benefit from ‘back to basics’ training sessions and closer supervision.
  • Those returning to running after a break from running or injury, who need to return slowly and gently.

How do we cater for Beginners/Improvers?

  • Our emphasis is on a gentle warm up to prepare for exercise.
  • Back to basics… ‘ABC’ Agility, Balance and Coordination. These are incorporated in the warm up part of the session (dynamic moves) and cool down part of the session (static stretches).
  • ABC tests are taken and retaken periodically to monitor progress.
  • Breaking down of the recognised UKA running technique and focusing on one component each week (arms, hips, feet, breathing etc).
  • The run each week will focus on quality not quantity – i.e. technique and varied runs rather than speed.