Committee and Coaches

Club Management Committee

President: Bryan King

Bryan is one of the founder members of the Club and is a UK Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness.
A highly experienced runner, Bryan has been running competitively since 1984 and has run over 100 marathons and countless half marathons and other races, including 18 Dartmoor Discovery Ultras.
Bryan King

Chair: Kris Jones

Kris is our newly appointed Chair who is also UK Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness. Favourite events include Castle Drogo and the Dartmoor Discovery Ultra.
Kris Jones

Secretary: To be confirmed

To be confirmed for 2018
To Be Confirmed

Treasurer: Mark Willcocks

As treasurer, Mark is responsible for the club’s finances and budgeting.
Mark runs in events of all distances, although he prefers obstacle and endurance events these days to road running.
Mark Willcocks

Membership Secretary: Louise King

As membership secretary, Louise is responsible for ensuring all membership records are kept up-to-date.
One of the founder members of the club, Louise enjoys running all distances, and is an inspirational trail runner as anyone trying to keep up with her on the Plym Valley Parkrun hill will testify.
Louise King

Committee Members

Michelle has been running for a number of years and is an incredibly active member of Plymouth Musketeers. As race director she has successfully organised the Muskies Madne5.5 race to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.
Michelle Shaddick
Kelly has been running for a number years and is an enthusiastic long distance runner
Kelly Brumhead
To be confirmed for 2018
To be confirmed
Brennan is an established committee member and an established club leader. He enjoys marathon running, dressing up like a fairy and off road running.
Brennan Drewitt

Club Officers

Welfare Officers

As Welfare Officers, Paul and Rachael's role is to advise and support the club to adhere to codes of conduct and good practice. They are the first point of contact for everyone who has concerns about welfare.
Rachael Tarrant Paul Youngman

Coaching Co-ordinator: Kris Jones

As coaching co-ordinator, Kris is responsible for organising the club training sessions. He is a UK Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness. Favourite events include Castle Drogo and the Dartmoor Discovery Ultra.
Kris Jones

Club Captains

As club captains, Daz and Sarah actively encourage members to take part in road, cross country and relay races.
Sarah Whittaker Darren Williams

Social Secretaries

As social secretaries, Kelly and Phil organise other club activities such as quizes, parties and other fund raising.
Kelly Brumhead Phil Bees

Club Coaches & Leaders


Chris Menlove-Platt Bryan King Kris Jones Sharon Adams Darren Dunridge

Leaders in Running Fitness

Miranda Ritchie Marie Winnall Kate Howard Richard Best Louise King Gary Martin
Chris Newton Vic Hibbert Dave Bennett Mike Saunders Alan Ryder Jeremy Westmore
Philippa Davey Kathy Weaver-Gore Kris Jones Mark Willcocks Brett Leacher John Ritchie
Mark Pearson Steve Bush Mick Brian Roger Bradshaw Marion Moxhay
Martin French Kelly Brumhead Michelle Shaddick Amy Day Brennan Drewitt Jimmy Newman
Kieran Woodward Tony Lee Jase Childs Joe Hewes Chris Whipp Simon Fewins    
Brett Leacher Jack Frost Sarah Sinclair Sarah Whittaker Paul Martin    

First Aiders

Bryan King Sharon Adams Steve Bush Vic Hibbert John Ritchie Darren Dunridge
Emma Ridler Mike Saunders Paul Martin William Noble Paul Youngman
Kris Jones Guy Boswell Pete Taylor Kathy Weaver-Gore Louise King Erica Tarr
Dave Bennett Marion Moxhay Roger Bradshaw Gary Martin Mark Willcocks Kelly Brumhead