Club Grand Prix

Club "Grand Prix" Race Series 2017/18

This year we have 2 series, Main and Off-Road

The MAIN based around road running, Armada Forum events, relay and club night.

The OFF-ROAD takes in the mud and trail events of Devon and Cornwall including many of the local favourites, XC, Armada 5k series and a monthly parkrun event across the 3 local runs each having dedicated days.

The full rules are listed beneath the Race dates

Please note: The Off-Road Series races are highlighted in BOLD and have a group designation.


October November December January 2018 February March

Looking for even more races to enter? Go to the Tamar Trotters race diary for a comprehensive list of all local races.

* = Also features on the Armada Network Grand Prix series


In the MAIN series, your best 15 races will score (out of a possible 38). There will be medals awarded to all athletes that complete 12 races or more. Every race in the series will be scored by the first runner gaining 100 points, the second 99 points, and so on down to 25th place (75 points), anyone finishing lower will also score 75 points. The exception to this will be for the relays where every participant will score 75 points irrespective of placing. The series will be divided into male and female age categories. You will be placed in the age category group relating to your age on 1st April 2017 and you will remain in that group all year (this includes the issuing of certificates).

  • LADIES: Seniors 18-34, Vets 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+
  • MEN: Seniors 18-39, Vets 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+

We are ALSO having an off-road race series in which you must run in Group 1 and two options from the remaining 3 groups to qualify for a prize:

  • Group 1 – ESSENTIAL compete in at least 5 x Off-road/Multi-terrain race from race series notated in bold.
  • and
  • Group 2 – at least 2 of Armada Saltram 5K Series.
  • and / or
  • Group 3 – at least 2 x XC League races representing the club.
  • and / or
  • Group 4 –will be the last monthly nominated Parkrun in Off-road series

There will be medals awarded to all athletes that complete 12 races or more within qualifying criteria.

For example:

  • Chubby Charlie runs 5 parkruns, 2 x XC, and 5 Group 1 races = qualification
  • Skinny Minnie runs 5 parkruns, 2 Saltram 5k, 5 Group 1 races = qualification
  • Dopey Derek runs 10 parkruns, no XC, 4 Group 1 races and 1 Saltram 5K = Non-Qualification.

Grand Prix Award goes to top scoring MALE and FEMALE from both series combined.

BEST 15 from main series plus BEST 15 from Off-road series dictates winner

The objective of the Grand Prix is to get as many club members running across a broader range of events, supporting fellow Armada Forum Events and races, opening up competition and capability to qualify by including Relay and Club timed runs in main series.

You MUST be registered for the race as a Plymouth Musketeer in order to score on the Grand Prix.

You MUST wear your club vests for Grand Prix races accrue points and also to promote the club and to count towards any team prizes. The only exception to this is if you are running to raise money for charity and are wearing their vest.

1ST and 2ND Claim can earn points by representing the Club and gain certification however Club Records can be held by 1st Claim Only.


Grand Prix Standings

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Off-Road Standings 2017/18 as of 18.01.2018 - Off-road

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Running Achievement Awards & Club Records

Running achievement certificates will be awarded for races in our Grand Prix Series (see above). The Achievement Awards will be based on your age category in the series.

The Achievement Awards for 2017 / 18 are as follows:- Male Standard Times 2017-2018 . Female Standard Times 2017-2018 .

The club record holders are: Club Records