Torrington Christmas Caper – 23/12/2012

Three lone Musketeers travelled al the way across the moor to Torrington for a race two days before Christmas.

Our hardy three had already conquered some of the toughest multi-terrain races in Devon and were not to be intimidated by the build up given to the Torrington Christmas Caper.

It might have won race of the year in 2011, but was no match for the Bicton Blister, or Cockington Caper for instance.

If anything it was flatter than most off-road races on offer, but of course that is not the whole story, with a monsoon year adding to the mix.

At some where between 9 and ten miles this was a muddy affair with the slippery and puddly uneven terrain meaning a cautious approach at all times was essential.

Also important was keeping an eye out on the multitude of festive characters one encountered en-route, with Father and Mother Christmases outnumbering super heroes and fairies.

Musketeers acquitted themselves proudly out of a field of 215 with Guy B 44th in 1h 13min, Craig F 108th in 1h 23m, and Mark P 120th in 1h 28m.

For the record the winner finished in 56 min. The prizes and goody bag were substantial and imaginative. All finishers received a Xmas pud and clotted cream. Winners received bottles of bubbly or hampers.

It is an ideal event for preparing for two weeks of over eating and drinking and would be good to see a few more Musketeers up for the challenge this Christmas.

By Guy