Raise money from your sofa!

Easysearch is a search engine with a difference. Search the Web with with easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine and you’ll raise funds for our running club.

If you use http://pmrc.easysearch.org.uk/to make your searches you will raise funds with every search.

It is powered by Yahoo!, MSN Windows Live Search , Ask.com and several other well-known search engines. Make just 10 searches a day and you could raise around £20 a year.

There are links to 600 well known retailers via this website including Argos, Amazon, Next, John Lewis, Boots, Vodaphone, M&S, Play.com, Debenhams, British Airways, Travelodge, ebay and many more. Just by using the links provided, whenever you make a purchase, up to 15% of the price of the purchase will be donated to club funds – at no additional cost to you!

It will even display a total of money raised so far for the club on the main page, so please consider using this site for your searches.